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Welcome to DSC – NW Ohio

Our Toledo, Ohio location serves the region with an array of services and programs specifically designed for the needs of the deaf and hard-of-hearing in this area.

Programs and Services Offered in NW Ohio

Interpreting & Translation Services

Since 1991, DSC has provided high quality interpreting services in order to address the communication needs for the communities we serve. Whether you need American Sign Language Interpreting, Spoken Language Interpreting, Speech-to-Text Captioning, Video Remote Interpreting, document translation or onsite interpreting, we provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We interpret for any type of setting including but not limited to medical, dental, business, trainings, legal, mental health, educational, artistic and any other type of setting needed. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIOPORTSMOUTH

OYO Camp

This Camp has been created and designed specifically for kids with hearing loss in mind; so all communication at camp will be geared towards each camper’s level of communication. OYO Camp provides a communication barrier-free, overnight camp experience that empowers each camper. ASL will be used throughout camp, as well as other forms of visual and oral communication. Each and every camper’s communication style is valued which results in the kids thriving in a safe, nurturing and fun atmosphere of friendship! Geared for Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids age 7 through high school, OYO Camp is a unique camp experience they will never forget. Visit Camp OYO website

Employment Services Program

With CARF accreditation and through a partnership with OOD, DSC is able to offer support to persons with disabilities to decide on a career, knowledge of how to become employed and train on a new job. In addition, DSC can provide education to employers on how to work with individuals who have disabilities. DSC depends on referrals from OOD for this program. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIO

Summer Work Experience Program

This is a 5 week summer youth employment program that helps 14-21 year olds learn about work, develop resumes, apply for jobs, obtain work, and learn independent living skills. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIO

iCanConnect Program

iCanConnect provides people with both significant vision and hearing loss with free equipment and training. iCanConnect is a national program that DSC runs locally to help people stay connected with friends, family, and the world. DSC is able to provide this program through a partnership with the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIOPORTSMOUTH

Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) Program

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD) is making available Pre-Employment Transition Services (Pre-ETS) to students with disabilities beginning at age 14. These are introductory services and are intended to help students with disabilities get an early start in identifying career interests. Pre-Employment Transition Services are for students with disabilities who need these services and have been determined eligible for Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) services or are potentially eligible but have not applied for VR services. OOD partners with DSC to provide services to these students. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIO


Through specialized training and certification, our CWIC specialists can provide a work incentive plan to guide individuals on how employment will affect their benefits. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIO

Advocacy, Case Management & Peer Support

Advocacy services are designed to assist Deaf and hard of hearing people in 36 counties throughout central, northwest, and southeast Ohio become full participating members of the community. Deaf and hard-of-hearing employees work toward empowering other Deaf and hard-of-hearing people to overcome communication barriers and access community resources. DSC employees act as a catalyst in the development of consumers’ problem-solving skills, independent living abilities and self-advocacy skills. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIOPORTSMOUTH

ADA Education & Deaf Awareness Presentations

The Americans with Disability Act (ADA) is not a choice; it’s the law.  DSC supports full inclusion for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing in all community activities and advocates on their behalf. Assistance is offered to individuals to help them understand their rights, as well as to companies and organizations to understand their obligations. DSC’s employees are available to present on a variety of topics, including ADA, American Sign Language, Deaf culture and interpreting. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIOPORTSMOUTH


In partnership with sComm, DSC will work with individuals who qualify through Medicare or private insurance to provide durable medical equipment that will assist with one-on-one communication for Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or non-verbal people. Offered in COLUMBUSNW OHIOPORTSMOUTH

ASL Classes

We have been providing ASL classes to the community since 2009. Our classes are affordable and open to anyone in the community who wants to learn. American Sign Language classes are provided to help hearing people converse with neighbors and family members, and to give those who become deaf later in life another mode to communicate. Most of our classes are offered in the evenings for 10 or 12 weeks. We do offer limited daytime classes depending on demand. Classes are offered on a quarterly basis starting in January, April, June and September.

Corporate classes are also available. They can be held at your place of choice and can have an added focus of words commonly used in your industry. Please contact us for more information!

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Language Development Support Specialist (Also known as Language Facilitators)

Many deaf children of hearing parents begin formal schooling with little fluency in either a spoken or signed language. These children can be considered semilingual, as they are fluent in neither English nor ASL at an age where hearing children exhibit adult-like competency in spoken English. For these deaf individuals, semilingualism is sometimes a life-long struggle. Our Language Facilitators work with your staff and the student to combat the negative effects of semilingualism. Employing creative intervention methods, direct modeling, teaching the child inherent American Sign Language, cultivating independence, and/or spoken language support. The Language Facilitator works alongside the student’s support team to assure that the child is receiving the most inclusive and best educational tools to become academically successful. Offered in COLUMBUS

Relay Ohio/CapTel

Relay Ohio/CapTel is Relay 711 – a free statewide public service for communication between standard (voice) users and persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and speech-disabled using text telephones (TTYs) or adaptive equipment.  Relay Ohio trainers, in partnership with Sprint Relay, provide trainings and demonstrations throughout Ohio to all 88 counties. For more information check out

Interpreter Mentoring & Workshops

DSC offers mentoring to give support for those who are new to interpreting or are out of practice. A new interpreter (mentees) is placed on an assignment of their own and are accompanied by an experienced interpreter (mentor) for back-up support. This is not a paid program when you go on-site, but can be scheduled by request.

For more information on the mentoring program, please contact