OYO Camp

This Camp has been created and designed specifically for kids with hearing loss in mind; so all communication at camp will be geared towards each camper’s level of communication. OYO Camp provides a communication barrier-free, overnight camp experience that empowers each camper.

Mission Statement

To provide an overnight camp without communication barriers that empower each kid with hearing loss to realize their full potential through the celebration of their individual identity!

ASL will be used throughout camp, as well as other forms of visual and oral communication. Each and every camper’s communication style is valued which results in the kids thriving in a safe, nurturing and fun atmosphere of friendship! Geared for Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids age 7-18, OYO Camp is a unique camp experience they will never forget.

OYO Camp is an exciting collaboration involving members of Ohio’s Deaf community:

Our Vision Statement

We envision the creation of an inclusive, educational, fun, barrier-free environment where kids with hearing loss recognize their full potential through the development of communication skills, leadership potential, self-actualization, and empowerment.