Early Intervention Services

Early Intervention Services

Hearing Early Intervention Specialists provide support and assistance to families who have children from 0-3 years old diagnosed with hearing loss.

After a child is diagnosed with hearing loss, parents are referred for a language development assessment and development of the Individualized Family Service Plan. Family training, counseling and home visits address a wide variety of topics relevant to acceptance of the child’s hearing loss, appropriate early childhood development and most importantly receptive and expressive language development.

We serve families in Central Ohio: Delaware, Fairfield, Franklin, Licking, and Union counties.

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Qualified Experts

DSC has been providing early intervention services to families since 2012 using evidence-based services to support families impacted by a child who has a hearing loss between the ages of 0-3. DSC has continued to research and acquire new information based on current information and research from experts in the field. Communication and a willingness to collaborate with agencies such as OCALI and CHLDRN have been in the forefront for continuing to provide independent, relevant and necessary services to families.

Supporting Your Family

Founded in 1991, DSC is uniquely qualified to provide early intervention services due to our expertise, experience, and resources.  Not only are we Ohio’s largest provider of community-based services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing, but we are also one of the state’s current providers of early intervention services for deaf and hard of hearing in central Ohio, covering five counties.  We provide and will continue to provide family-centered services, information on hearing loss, amplification devices-hearing aids, bone anchored devices, cochlear implants and unbiased information on various communication modes.  

Also, we assist families with information and understanding of audiology and speech services- bridging the gap between clinical recommendation to home implementation . We utilize a family coaching model to assist parents in expanding communication within the family and with the community. We encourage parents to follow through with other professional services and to maintain relationships and keep appointments with audiologists, speech language pathologists and ENT’s.

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