Board of Trustees

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Community members eliminating communication barriers.

The Board of Trustees of Deaf Services Center, Inc. (DSC) is composed of qualified individuals who have a vested interest in the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Deafblind communities we serve. DSC Board members are trusted corporate and community leaders who invest their time, treasure, and talent to guide the agency in meeting our mission and vision toward eliminating communication barriers through the services we provide.

During this time of transition, a new DSC Board structure is being developed. The present Board is comprised of a previous DSC Board member, Bill McGee; the DSC Founding Executive Director, Michael Repas; and a highly respected Deaf Community Advocate, Cheryl Prusinski. These well-known members of Ohio’s Deaf Community are charged with the rebuilding of the Board, as well as operational and strategic planning.  Those interested in joining the DSC Board of Trustees should Email

Bill McGee - Chair/Treasurer

Cheryl Prusinski - Trustee

Dawn K Watts

Dawn Watts - Trustee

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Art Roehring - Trustee


Priscilla Doudt - Trustee

Vincent Sabino- blue

Vincent Sabino - Trustee


Richard Bretz - Trustee


Adam Bernholtz - Trustee