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DSC provides various programs that comprise our services to youth. The Deaf Kids and Teens Club was established in 1995 and was designed to improve and strengthen the self-esteem, self-confidence and leadership skills of children who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Children of deaf adults are also included in the program. Program activities are selected to facilitate appropriate and effective communication, enhance learning, and guide youth to become productive citizens of the community. Gatherings provide an opportunity for parents of the children to network and meet other parents and to learn about what services are currently available for their children.

Youth programs are available for children and teens 4-18 years old who have lost hearing and those who have siblings or parents who are Deaf or hard of hearing. Monthly activities and events provide an outlet for interaction with others, giving them the opportunity to share their similar experiences. Leadership and life skills training, career exploration and a summer job placement program provide substantive enrichment to emerging young adults. Summertime is also when DSC operates an overnight adventure camp specially designed for young people with hearing loss.

Parents who haven’t filled out an emergency contact and permission form will find both below.

Attention Parents: If you have not filled out an emergency contact and permission form, please see form below and send to either Karen or Tina. Our goal is to keep your children safe and to have FUN!

Contact and Permission Form KODA-DKTC

Contact Tina Shifflett (KODA Coordinator) tinas@dsc.org

Contact JJ BECHHOLD (DKTC Coordinator) youthprogram@dsc.org

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