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ASL Interpreting in Ohio

  • DSC provides Interpreters for all types of appointments.
  • Interpreters are available 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day from one hour to all day ongoing assignments. Video remote interpreting is available in many settings when an on-site interpreter is not possible.
  • DSC’s ASL interpreters are required to follow the RID Code of Ethics.
  • DSC provides approximately 700 assignments per month and provided approximately 16,000 hours of interpreting in 2014.
  • DSC is pleased to announce that we provide over 40 spoken languages that include but are not limited to Spanish, Somali, Napoli and Arabic. Translation services are also available. Along with our sign language interpreters our spoken language interpreters are highly qualified and professional individuals that all have years of experience providing interpreting services to the community.
  • DSC provides services in the following settings:
    • Educational Interpreting
      • In educational environment such as primary or secondary schools, college and graduate schools, interpreters are used to facilitate communication between Deaf students and others including teachers, service providers and peers.
    • Legal Interpreting
      • In legal settings, clear and accurate communication among all involved parties is essential. Interpreters are used in many different situations, such as legal consultations, court actions, real estate closings, and social security hearings to name just a few.
    • Medical Interpreting
      • In medical settings, such as doctor’s appointments, inpatient hospital procedures, or consultations, effective communication between consumers and health care professionals may require interpreters to bridge the communication gap.
    • Foreign Language
      • Foreign Language Interpreters are now available in a range of settings to meet the needs of our customers. Languages provided by DSC Community & Translation services include but not limited to: Spanish, French, Somali, Japanese, Mandarin and Nepali.
    • Other Interpreting Services:
      • Mental Health
      • Religious
      • DeafBlind
      • Oral Interpreting/Transliterating
      • Deaf/Hearing Team
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